My boyfriend didn't get me a Valentine's day gift, why?

Okay so I shipped these earphones to my bf who is wonderful and all that and he got it in the mail on January 28th and I told him not to open it till Valentine's Day. I was super excited cuz he told me he had something super romantic planned. Then on Valentine's day he opened the gift and saw the headphones and was very happy and thankful which I was so happy about. Unfortunately he had to go to work at noon cuz he works in the food industry and Valentine's Day is crazy. I was sad, but work obviously is a necessity. And we just talked about work and stuff and I was kind of waiting for the romantic part of the date when he had to leave I felt kind of down cuz it didn't really come. Then we were chatting over text message and I asked if he got anything for me and then I found out he was still planning it. And I was kinda like, huh? I ordered those headphones like in early January and when they got there I thought he would have planned something for me too. I have yet to see any gift or even a card! I've told him now I don't really think any Valentine's gift is required since it's almost been a month since. We are official. It's been a year since. He's told me he loves me and all this so I'm definitely thinking I'm not just crushing :P


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  • I think the idea of planning something sweet and romantic sounded awesome until the time actually arrived for him to do it. Possibly too much work, or had no ideas that would live up to the hype he created. To just get you nothing though, sounds rude. Nothing to break up over, but it would raise eyebrows as to his maturity for me personally.


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  • If he is working how can he be broke? At least a card with some thoughts on it I would say. It doesn't need to be something expensive. Maybe give you a card with something wrote on it and tell you he will take you somewhere when he gets some cash. I tend to be very straight in my relationships.

  • Perhaps he was kinda broke and couldn't afford to buy you a gift, but too embarrassed to admit it?

    • I am perfectly okay with that. I told him ahead of time a card would have been perfect.

    • I understand how disappointing it has been for you regarding this, but my suggestion would be to try and brush it off for now. It's highly unlikely that this is a sign of some impending bad news.

  • tough question, don't be surprised if you don't get a lot of responses.


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