Young women, Does this make me undateable or severely hurt/limit my chances?

I'm an 18 year old who suffered from a condition which ages follicles of hair, so it got very sickly thin on top and treatment methods won't work. Alas Im forced to shave my head to the skin. No I pull it off okay, I'm skinny and Pale but head shape was decent etc. But I feel like I'm never going to get a girl I'd be attracted to now. A huge goal for me was to be married in my 20's to a girl the same age who I as attracted to for her body and mind, so I admit looks are a big factor-that I have decent standards I couldn't change and I know women especially young women feel the same way. On top of that I'm inexperienced. I've talked with girls in the past, had girls pursue me that I as not attracted to etc. but the few times I went after I girl I really liked I as rejected so confidence is pretty shot with that combination. So I want honest answers from girls in late teens to early 20's. does the no hair put a foot in the grave for attracting a decent girl in my 20's? (who is also that age)

  • No hair isn't as big a deal as you make it, I could get past it or find it attractive so you shouldn't be worried
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  • At this age yes most young women won't find it attractive and it will make it a lot tougher
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  • with a chromedome this young your goal will be nearly impossible.
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  • If a woman won't be with you because you're bald, she isn't worth your time anyway.


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  • Maybe don't judge people on their looks and they won't judge you on yours..

    • We're sexual creatures, and I'm very honest with myself. I don't judge a person on it, I'm friends with everyone from where I came from except those who think they are better than others. However for me to date someone I have to find them special and that includes looks. My family is very military (to the point that skydiving is a right of passage even if you don't become a Ranger) and I was always told to never tell a girl I wasn't attracted to physically she was beautiful, and never tell a girl who was just a fling you love her (I don't support flings but the family member was that way) in the end it causes more pain than being honest. (As a side note I meant this respectively and was not the downvote you recoeved.

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    • You're proof that the media has poisoned people's minds into believing what is attractive. What one person doesn't like another person will. There's someone for everyone. Stop being shallow

    • Well you seem to agree we all find things attractive or unattractive and that looks do have an impact but on a personal preference of said features, so by following what I find attractive is being shallow? I don't understand that I guess. But I'm not some internet junkie who'll keep it going. I live and love by my mindset and you yours.

  • It's not about being bald. You are propably average in looks and sound shallow and that you are demanding too much. Good luch with that

    • No I wouldn't say that, I've found girls attractive that many others guys didn't, I don't have any 'must haves' except slender and the face has always been important but I know plenty of guys whosay hair color matters, chest size, eye shape, legs etc. So I wouldn't say I demand too much. And I've seen less than conventially looking guys get with model type girls, my cousin does it all the time and it's defintely not money they are in it for he don't make much. So it has happened.

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    • I've done modeling and I consider myself average and most girls I saw doing that were average too. If you were above average you would have better luck with girls because life is tough.

      Yes, most people are shallow. Expecially attractive girls and attractove guys. It's obvious. Ii'm not trying to burst your bubble, I'm simply being honest and beung realistic. You are an adult and should be able to take it. I'm not the type of person who tries to comfort adnd say nice things to male you feel better. No, I say how it is.

    • Haha you have nothing on my old man when it comes to saying it like it is. Well I guess since I don't know what you or these other models look like I can't say if I find them average or above average. Height I don't care about at all in fact I don't mind shorter, face matters a lot, don't care about what they do with hair really, and slender matters because personal preference and I take care of myself and hit the gym frequently so I believe a person should take care of themselves. Don't have to be a track star but you get the point. A girl I work I think is one of the lost attractive girls I've ever seen but most of my friends don't get it, they say she's decent but nothing like I make her out to be. So I guess you could consider her average maybe. And if that's the case I'm fine with it.

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