Keep ur paws off my man?

There's this girl I go to school with. she's very loose. She has dated every guy in my class. And lately she's been flirting with my boyfriend. And it really pisses me off. She initiates the flirting all the time. It gets to the point where he has to eventually react to her because she constantly pests him. He insists he doesn't like her. But I'm worried he's gonna start to. She does the shoulder touching thing, texting, laughing and its not cool. I'm just worried I'm going to loose my Nora. That's his nickname she calls him:(
How should I confront her and tell her to back tha frig away from my man? Before I totally kick her but.


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  • Beat her ass up.

  • Violence is not the answer

    • How should I like approach her and tell her to back off?

  • Is she hot?

    • Kinda but everbody says I'm better but I don't think so

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    • Yeah, but it sounds like there isn't much reason for your guy to look at her over you.

    • Ya true:) I'm still gonna approach her on this flirty with my bae thing lol

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