Do any of you still have a crush on your girlfriend/boyfriend? :) Share details if you want?

I always thought it was really sweet when guys and girls admit that they still have a crush on their partner (even after spending so much time together) :) It seems like they don't take each other for granted & I think it's kinda adorable for some reason, lol :) Please share your personal experiences


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  • It is a really romantic thing to still have a crush on your boyfriend/girlfriend. I know personally that I fall more in love with mine everyday. It never gets old and the inside jokes never stop being funny. His hugs never grow cold and the butterflies never dull. Every time I look at him I feel like I've met him all over again. It was really cute because on our year anniversary he brought me to the spot where we had our first date and he told me, "Babe, I'm more in love with you now then I was when I first laid eyes on you... and when I first laid eyes on you I knew I was screwed." I love him so much, and I still blush and get nervous EVERY TIME I see him... just like when we first met :)

    • Aww, that's the cutest thing ever! :) I'm glad you guys are so happy together. It's funny because when I first met my boyfriend I was really closed off from people but somehow he got me to open up/trust him without being intrusive or controlling :) I guess the most thing I appreciate about him is that he has abandoned me like so many people have in the past. It matters more than anything else because I had so many walls up & he was willing to wait for me to break them down. I just wanted to share that because your answer was very sweet to read & pretty detailed :) Thanks for taking the time to answer

    • Typo, lol :) I meant unlike other people he hasn't abandoned me like people in the past have, lol :)

    • Thanks :) That's great that you actually found someone that has softened you up a bit. I understand, before I was with him I was the same way. I had the same types of troubles. It seems like you have a great guy! Keep him! Good luck with your relationship :)

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