Who do I choose?

so there is guy one; a black guy, taller than me ( im 6'0") super shy, we go to the same school but see each other very little during the school day, we are also paired together for my upcoming debutante ball ( he is my escort). Because we are paired together and have held hands as part of the dance routine we are really comfortable around each other. His purity is appealing and rare, I can tell is parents sheltered him a lot. Guy #2 is a white guy, he is the same height as me barely (he has grown a lot in the last year. We see each other all the time at school. We have 3 classes together and the same lunch session. He isn't quite as pure but we have more "history" together. We've gone to dances and we text a lot. I realize with both of these guys ill have to make the first move.. But I also know that who ever I go for I could be with for the duration of my highschool career. My mom said to choose wisely and not to lead anyone on. and once you choose one, choose one. I have no idea what to do! Who should I choose?

We are all Juniors my age in incorrect im almost 17


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  • First a will joke when you go black you never go back ok now thats out of the way now I do say the 1st man he sounds better to me

    • lol Im am black ;)

    • I just had to tell the joke sorry it was on my mind the whole time

    • I understand my friends tease me all the time that I should warn him
      (guy2) of that

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  • Which one do you like the most?
    Nobody can tell you who to pick

    • I know that both are good guys. I know Guy 2 better and I've known him longer, but he is hard to read, kinda bland, but over all is really compassionate and nice. But he makes me extremely nervous because I've liked him for a while. With Guy 1 its less stress because he is more "beta" he's predictable

    • Hummm, it seem like you should go with guy two since you know him better and might like him more

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