Is being likeable "universal" or could it only pertain to a certain demographic?

Since I've put up my online profile about a month ago on a dating site, I've gotten around 16 "someone likes you" type notifications. That seems decent but naturally it doesn't tell me who because I don't pay for the premium subscription. But even if the people that liked me weren't very attractive, would it still be a good thing that they did? Because I'm likeable to them, would it also potentially translate into being likeable to attractive women as well?

Just as the question says, is being likeable a universal thing, or could it only apply to a certain demographic or level of attractiveness and stop at a certain point? Or could I try my luck at more attractive women and maybe have a reasonable amount of success too? I just want to know where I fit in.


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  • sorry to say, but online dating isn't really going to answer that question for you anyway, even if they showed you who was liking you. i think you can really answer it for yourself. people will like who they like. you could meet a short woman with dark hair and glasses who adores you while a woman who looks similar might not give you a second look. we all come from different backgrounds. if you're exposed to a certain thing you might take an attraction to it, or it might be the reason you aren't attracted to that thing. who knows.

    • Yeah that's true. The good thing is that I can at least see who's just looked at my profile, which ranges from unattractive to attractive girls, so I guess that's alright haha. But then again, just because I said that they are attractive doesn't mean I am interested in them either. It's so hard to find someone you like!

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