Women, would you avoid these plans?

If a guy asked you to come out to some sort of group get together (like him and some friends going to a bar) would you avoid it in order to hold out for him to ask you out separately or would you jump at the chance to see him?


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  • It depends on the type of relationship we've had so far. If I don't know him very well I'd probably go out with him and the group because hey, at least it's a chance to flirt more! If we're already friends, however, or have done the group thing a few times I'd be looking for a more personal date.


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  • Depends...
    Is it the first time were meeting up? I'd definitely wait it out and hope he'll ask me on a more formal date lol if he's my buddy then hell yeah I'm down lol

    • How long would you wait?

    • Really depends on how much I like the guy. If it whatever I'd probably be like really dude and not bother with him anymore. If I liked him a lot I would wait maybe a week.. Or two but that's pushing it lol by that time I'll think he's not interested in anything serious.

  • I would take the opportunity to come see him


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