Is this guy playing me for a fool?

A dude I totally like completely stod me up yestarday and dint return none of my txts or calls till today. He gave me some half arsed excuse about an uncle of his blah blah blah and said he wanted to meet today. He's just called me giving me another excuse about why he can't see me today. He's asked to see me on Wed night shall I tell him I'm busy or just give him the benefit of the doubt? I do really like him I just don't wanna be made a fool out of...


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  • Perhaps the "uncle" excuse was a valid one. I doubt any guy would play you for a fool by telling you to meet him places then back off. That would be the biggest asshole move I'd seen in awhile. I would try the Wednesday thing, and if it happens again, then he screwed up. Play it by ear for the most part and I think you'll be okay. Best of luck!

    • Thanx dude that's really cool...i'll do it, what have I got to lose apart from my dignity eh lol?

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    • His uncle wasn't in hospital, at l don't think so anyways...he was vague about it he just said he had to see his uncle that he didn't know he had? :s If my being honest it did sound like a load of BS but I do really like him and maybe I'm an idiot for it but I've decided I owe it to myself to at least give it one last go and if I end up with egg on my face then I guess its not the end of the world...but still thank you both for your comments x

    • Zoe...He's got a girl already. He wants something on the side. He's not calling you because he is with her. How hard could it be for the guy to pick up the phone and leave you a quick message, ON the DAY of your DATE, & let you know he can't make it?Once he realizes he will be unable to meet you, he should have the decency to call you and inform you he has to cancel. It's not rocket science. He's being rude and showing no true interest in you. I could maybe see this happening once. But 2x!? GL!

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  • Yeah he's playing you. He stood you up, didn't even have the decency to cancel before and tell you couldn't make it. Then he had the nerve to not return any of your texts and calls? NOT COOL, he should be disqualified just for that. The excuse about his uncle is BS we know that. Tell him you're busy and then be busy. Why make time for a guy who can't even be considerate to you? If he made plans with you he should have stuck to them. Your time is just as valuable as his.

    • I know you're right and I'm probably an idiot for it but I think I should give it another go, I will however make it very clear that his behaviour was completely unacceptable and will let him know that if he pulls a stunt like that again on me that'll be the end of it...but I seriously think I owe it to myself to go. Thank you for the advice though

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    • Boy don't I wish I'd listened to you know this guys a piece of work! Took me to a lovely sea food resturant,told me how beautiful I looked etc, we spent a lot of time talking and he went on about how sorry he was about messing me about etc and I thouht yea,I knew everyone was wrong about him. We went to his afterwards for a few drinks and dvd, he then got really annoyed because I wouldn't sleep with him, refused to drop me off home and gimme money for a cab like I was some cheap tart! eh!

    • Wow what a jerk! I'm sorry that happened to you he is an ass!

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