I just want to tell him a little about what I feel. Should I send this or is it not a good idea?

I've been dating this guy for the last couple of months and i just want to tell him a little about what i feel. is this a good idea to send to him or no? he said he's not ready for a relationship and i understand that i told him that, and he says he's afraid to fall in love again but im not afraid. well a little afraid of this scaring him so any feedback would be awesome!

for the last 5 plus years i have been completely fine being alone, I dated a couple times and ended up losing everything and would have to start over again because they didn't care about me or atreyue only what i had, and how they looked with me by there side.. i finally said
forget it im dont with men.. Until u, there is something so very special about u, when i say ur amazing i mean it.
I have never had to deal with emotions like this, and Im not even sure what they mean.
But i want u too know that i appreciate u more and more everyday. and i am so very greatful for you.
there is so much more i want to say i will say it in person though when im ready. and like i said im ok with being friends but if i dont let some of what im thinking go, it
will never come out:) and im just so sick of not saying what i want to say because im am afraid! you only live once right:) Im not looking for a response to this either. I feel better just saying it!


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  • I'm not sure messaging him is the right approach. I get you want to tell him how you feel, but to me, texting someone or messaging them won't give as much meaning as talking to him 1-on-1 on your next date.

    • you are right. I just guess i dont want him to see all the emotions that are behind what i have to say to him. I dont like to be vulnerable. and i dont want him to feel bad either he's got a huge heart i just dont want him to respond outta pity i guess if that even makes sence

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    • im not really sure how he feels.. when we are together it is amazing. but he been working to much we only see each other a couple of times a week, but he texts me everyday, i know he's afraid to fall in love again he has been through some stuff, but reguardless i dont want to hold back and not say anything, I think that he should know, and if he doesn't feel the same ok. I can pretend i never said anything:0

    • And that's why talking to him about it is 100X better than messaging him. But the 'I can pretend I said nothing' line... not necessary. Lol

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  • How about you tell him in person? Text messages aren't meant for things like this, If you are to scared to tell him in person then keep it to yourself.

  • In person is always better, but if text message is the only way you can get this out, then I'd say it's worth doing. Isn't it best he knows how you feel? Especially if just getting it out helps you feel better about things.

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