No kiss, does he like me?

I'm in my late 30s, he's a little older. We have gone on 2 (really nice) dates and he came over for "to go" plate but stayed and had dinner with me. He invited to a function 9 months away and accepted an invite to be my date at a party next month. He even suggested inviting my (young) daughter on a date. Oh when he had dinner at my house, he mentioned if we lived together that he would need the bigger closet but the bathrooms were all mine. He has never lived with a woman. He agrees we have great chemistry and said he likes how everything feels natural and flows. He has not mentioned sex and has not kissed me. What gives?


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  • Maybe he's little shy like me and thought if you would angry on him for the same!
    You've leave some little hints which he follows to reach his target.
    wishing you luck!


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  • Some guys like to take things slow.