25 year old guy, never had a girlfriend. Very shy and quiet, sometimes awkward. Fix me girls?

This is a challenge to you girls out there.

I'm a 25 year old, very shy and quiet guy, who has never had a girlfriend. I feel like I know absolutely nothing about girls let alone how to talk to one and make her my GF.

I'm a nerdy guy who can be a bit awkward at times.
I also want to think I'm a nice / sweet guy too.

So help me please ;)


Most Helpful Guy

  • The only problem you have is that you're a shy guy. Unless you don't try to flirt around, you won't get anyone.
    Don't be so scared of 'no' you already have a 'no' go outside and try to make it a 'yes' and if you fail, try again. Life won't end there.
    Good luck.


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  • Make them your friends first =)
    Get comfortable
    Flirt/play around
    Take it from there =)


What Guys Said 1

  • pisses me off whenever people say it is never too late

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