Ladies - what is your definition of handsome?

This is for the ladies/girls:

When you describe a man (regardless of his age) as handsome, does that mean that you are specifically referring to his looks like facially or his image as a whole?

Thanks in advance for answering.


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  • Image as a whole: who he surrounds himself with, how he dresses himself (if he cares or doesn't, basically), how he acts around different people in different situations, his interests, his goals, his attitude towards life, how he handles his responsibilities... Is he trying to be the best he can be?
    Honestly, I find that all men are uniquely handsome. One guy could be super funny , charming and have a great smile. Another guy could be incredibly smart, mysterious and have nice hair. thin men are a different level of hot then musclular men and there's always men in between. all hot but in different ways. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. In the end, It's the men who go after what they want that get what they want. which is why you see some questionable men with amazing looking women. We've all got our insecurities, don't let yours hold you back! (:

    • Fantastic well explained answer- thank you!

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    • Of course I would agree that it's the same for women too.

    • Unless the person, no matter the gender, is looking for a one night stand ofc

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  • His face usually.

  • Perfect jawline, nice teeth, taller than me, not skinny not fatty.

  • When I describe a man/boy as handsome or attractive I would be referring to him as a whole, looks and personality.

  • Oh okay! Normally I will call somebody handsome, not merely by his appearance, but from his demeanor.

    I will typically call somebody handsome after they say something that I consider to be very... Um handsome... Meaning something that I find to be very polite yah, or admirable... :)


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