Women When I asked her number she said why?

A sexy girl working in clothes store I liked her I talked her about 5 minutes and it was friendly conversation but when I asked her number she said WHY I was surprised I thought she will give it to me but I dont know why she said why.

After she said why I felt I can't say more we talked already and it was enough for me so I said nothing and walked away I was really upset

Did I did my best? Or it was better to continue the conversation? But we talked for 5 minutes already !!


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  • Well... Why DID you ask for her number? Lol girls get a little defensive because
    1) you could be asking her number to make her a booty call. Since you're so confident asking so straightforward she might assume that you've done this before.
    2) by friendly talking to her for 5 minutes, you could've put yourself in the nice guy friendzone area. Because maybe you're too nice, she wants an assertive guy.
    3) you were too friendly and she might be creeped out that you got too interested too soon without asking her on a date, which comes off as creepy to girls.

    When a guy likes a girl he should compliment her, ask her on a date And then get her number.
    The longer you hold it off, the creepier it seems and the less chance you have of getting a girls number. Talking to a girl for a long ass time just seems like you're trying to hard like your trying to convince us to like you on the spot.

    • In the end of the conversation I told her I like you and I'm intrested in you can I have your number SHE SAID WHY what more I could tell her? Come to the bed?

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    • u know so much for 20 yo

    • @sizedoesnotmatter thank you, that's a huge huge huge compliment to me.

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  • maybe she wasn't really interested in giving to you her number


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  • Sorry but had I been talking to a stranger for only 5 minutes and then they wanted my phone number I'd give a solid no. They don't know you and they don't want their phone to get blown up by messages from some stranger. I personally never ask for someones phone number I ask them out on a date and if they say yes they usually just tell me what their number is.

    • I wouldn't be annoying. So how it's work when you directly ask them?

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    • Thank you I think next time I will ask them out its... Lets say more gentle

      If she say yes whats your plans?

      Personally I will say dinner in queit nice resturant

    • If you literally just met them I'd hold off on the dinner date. Just grab coffee something casual to actually get to know them before you try doing a date like that. You'd be coming off too strong.

  • if you didn't know her... it's obvious that she'd not give her number to a random stranger :-P

  • That was a genuine question from her lol
    She purposely acted naive tho. She wasn't comfortable in sharing.

    • I dont know what she was waiting to tell her I mean we talked and I show I'm intrested in her So it was better she say no or yes not why. What why next time if one if the girl said why I will say bco I dont know how to fry chicken so teach me via phone HAHAHA

    • Haha lol... it's obvious bro that she won't reject you straightforward face to face. They want to keep soft it can be

  • This is why I don't ask for numbers.