Would you date me?

Hey girls,

About a month and a half ago I went through a break-up with my longtime girlfriend and it has hurt my confidence quite a bit.
Which is why I am asking you this now.

I'll just start saying stuf about myself, since the pictures can be found here https://imgur.com/Xwc9KyO>A6xOO#0
I am 19 years old and I'm in my 2nd year of studying La, and doing pretty well at it. It also led to me being quite active in simulations of the United Nations/European Council etc.

But that is school and I don't worry too much about that so I'm often out looking for a good party, although I don't actually party too much since most of my friend are not that outgoing.
I also enjoy reading (mostly fantasy books e. g. Game of Thrones) and writing as well as watching series/random YouTube videos or being a little bit too bromantic with my bros.

Mostly, however, I love to go out and practice freerunning or boxing with my friends. There is just something liberating about being on jumping from roof to roof etc. like that, although it is tough to find good spots where we live.
That is also something I want to do with a girl on a first date, if the weather is nice. Just sit there when the sunset comes and share food, stories and a whole lot of fun.


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  • Im pretty sure your just after girls but if it helps boost confidence i would ;) aha


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  • If you're older. I would have defintely

  • If you were older I'd go out on a date with you ;)

    • Same if you were older i would give you go :) You have nothing to worry about, plenty more girls out there and you are still so young.

    • Glad you think that way! :)

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