How can I stop hating everyone else for having more sex than me?

Basically, most guys get more sex, girlfriends, kisses, (in other words they've had at least one of those things) than me and it's making me feel worse and worse. I've never done any of those things, hell, no girl could even stand me. I don't know what to do anymore, fuck, I don't even want a girlfriend anymore (well, I do) I mostly want to get laid now (not with a fucking prostitute). I don't know how much more indifferent I could get, I mean, at this point I don't love anything at all, I don't even care about much of anyone at this point. It's just, I'm only ever seen as a friendly girls apparently, and, I don't know, maybe it's my personality, I try not to be a jerk because I can get very aggressive very quickly (I devote a lot of energy solely to controlling my anger) I don't tease because I can get very overboard with it, I tend to be a natural loner so I usually do my own thing (though I can hold a good conversation) and girls always end up being taken by other guys. I just, what's wrong with me? I stare into my mirror asking myself that question every day, why me? Every other guy, every other fucking guy can get a girl, not me! I'm 17 and not even in college, my time isn't tomorrow I won't meet anyone tomorrow, hell, at best my time is two goddamn years from now!!! I DONT WANT TO SPEND ANOTHER YEAR BELOW EVERYONE ELSE!!! What have they even done to deserve girls and se sand to be loved? Why can't I be loved? DAMMIT, I just wish I had some meds so I could kill my emotions!!! I'll admit it, I'M JEALOUS OF THEM, WHILE LIFE FAVORED THEM IT IGNORED ME!!!


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  • You really need to stop comparing yourself to others.
    And you need to work on your self esteem. Big time. The way you're acting/talking is a huge turn off to women
    You need to start changing things. The sooner the better. It won't be easy and it won't be quick.
    If possible see a therapist who specializes in cognitive therapy. If that isn't possible maybe you'll want to try this.

    This is a great book. My therapist suggested it and it has helped a lot.

    It will help you to start seeing things in a more positive way. It also gives you exercises for ways to improve yourself.


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  • First of all.. You are not 'under' everyone else. And from my experience... It's better being alone than in a relationship. I don't get much sex and I don't brag or lie about it (there probably lying about how much their getting).

    I've never got people like you who are so negitive towards yourself just because you're not in a relationship... It's pathetic.

    Statisticly... You will get a girlfriend and fuck her brains out at some point.

    Stop being so desperate.

    I've been In a relationship since I was 16... Don't get me wrong their are benefits of being in a relationship but I'm a big ass loner am ameant to be alone thats when I'm happiest.

    You sound exactly the same as me but your desperate.

    Enjoy being alone bro... I did and I wish I was alone but loving my girl is a weakness.

    But when or ever if she leaves me.. I'll finally be me... Just me... The way I intend it to be

    • You don't know anything, you're not single, and unlike you I don't choose to be single.

    • I know that after about 2 months of being in a relationship you'll realise a relationship is completely over-rated.

      People these days are too god dam afraid to be alone in the world which I personally find pathetic.

      How can you be happy in a relationship (you and another person) when you're not happy being alone?

      Being alone there's only you to look after ext etc which is easy as fuck.

      But in a relationship... there's 2 of you.. a lot harder.

      So be happy being alone

    • Why should I look after that girl even if I was in a relationship? Damn, it's not like she'd live with me, I'd still look after #1, I'd just be in a relationship too.

  • I'll let you know when I find out :P

    Nah seriously, I think you're in dangerous territory when you are looking for female validation, which it seems you are? Work on your insecurities, rather than focusing on girls at the moment? That would be logical, if you're not getting anywhere with your current hunting. I mean, you are 17, it's not like you're past it...

  • There are families in Africa worried sick about whether or not they are going to die today because of the lack of resources to live. And in America we have 75% of the male population worried about a piece of p*ssy.

    • Man, that'd be great if it was relevant, but it's not, I don't actually feel guilty for not having their problems so this was a waste of both of our time. You really wanna complain about their problems the do something about them.

  • be rich and get prostitutes... so that way you'll have sex more frequently than others.

    (don't get mad bro... just a suggestion! )

  • Dude, I haven't done either of those things too but the trick is to simply not make it your sole goal and purpose in life. With this kinds of attitude, it should be no wonder that you can't do those things.

    Just cheer up.

    • Yeah well, I have no one to take my anger out of except myself.

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    • The closest forest to me is Central Park, and then I'd just look like a maniac.

    • Oh... well a basement or something can do... but you get my point - just find an outlet that is not another person and let your frustrations loose.

  • Follow the teachings of James Marshall

    The best way to stop hating everyone else for having more sex than you, is to have just much (or more) sex.

    • Strangely that seems like not a logical solution even slightly.

    • really now. It's not logical to think that to stop being jealous of what people have, you should go out, work and get it too? lol... this is why half of you guys on here are lost causes. Not willing to put an ounce of effort into getting what you want. Just simply content with being jealous of other people -_-

      Take care bud

  • I used to be really insecure about being a virgin. I lost my virginity and realized, it was just sex, it wasn't important and doesn't affect who I am or what people think of me. Get over it. Live your life