What does he want?

We been talkin since nov 2014. Started out friends with benefits then went to casual dating a
Month later. He doesn't like the reference of booty call/plaything. He says it's more than about sex he likes to just hang out cuddle and lay around being lazy together. I have been stayin one or two nights a week for a couple months and not all end with or start with sex. But I'm still so confused. He's sending signals that he wants to be official but doesn't make the move and even slipped and said I love you one night as we went to bed. He stops by and sees me at work ( gas station/restaurant) and kisses me before he leaves. Is he scared or is this his idea of slow?


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  • Sounds like you're dating tbh. Maybe he's afraid of commitment

    • He's doesn't initiate any hang outs but only says no when he is sick. Not faking. Why so guys play the wait drover to text back thing I they're interested

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