How easy do you fall in love?

How do you fall in love?
How fast do you fall for someone?
How easy do you have it to forget?
How soon do you fall in love again?

Do you remember your first love?


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  • Slowly... and then all at once.
    lol just kidding
    For me it it just really depends on the person.
    And I remember my first love. . I was 13 and 5 years later (I'll be 18 next month) I still love him.

    • Thank you. wow awesome, keep loving.
      I had one girl too but we newer did something and now I wasted it. I wish I did it first time. Stupid is to be shy and stereotipic with stupid concepts.

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  • Sooo easy
    My record is 1 day
    Too difficult
    Too early
    Yes, sadly.


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