Confusing girl who likes hanging out but doesn't call/text back

So I met this girl who was on a softball team with me, she was real shy and no one talked to her so I figured I would say hi because she was really cute/hot! Well we're still talking and hanging out at the bar and she seems to have fun and interest in me when we do hang but she hardly calls or texts back...Like sometimes she'll randomly say she's at the bar and say I should come out but never calls to say we should hang out or whatever... Now I'm not sure if she's just shy or what. I asked my sister and some girl friends about what I should do and they didn't know! Haha maybe she's just weird... I don't know but I would love some help!


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  • She sounds like a classic shy girl. I was the same.

    If she accepts your invitations when you invite her to do stuff and seems to be interested/having fun when you're together, then she is probably just shy. Don't give up!

    I know a lot of girls like this... I was the same. I used to think that guys were just being polite or friendly (as in "just friends") when they talked to me at social events. Sometimes I'd wonder if maybe they were interested, but I would never have called them out of the blue in case I had misinterpreted the signals. Later I found out from some of them that they thought I was messing with them or not interested.

    This probably seems weird to someone to isn't shy. But most shy people I know are not weirdos at all and usually they grow more confident after a while. So don't give up on her. Keep calling and inviting her out. Tell her that you really enjoy her company. Say that you wish that she would call you sometimes because you sometimes wonder if she enjoys being around you. If she is interested, she will respond more and more. Good luck!


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