Why do guys say this?

I've been told by this guy I've been "seeing" off and on for 3 years that he doesn't see anything serious with me. (which I can respect that even though I felt lead on in some ways) So I asked is it cause Im not attractive, like what is it. He said he is very much attractive to me and Im fun to be around but that is all Im just that fun girl. I don't understand why he can't see anything serious with me?

PS. An ex I dated off and on for 5 years told me this as well but kept coming back with the I LOVE YOU BS.


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  • You allow this treatment by being the off and on again girl. If it doesn't work, why do you keep going back hoping something has changed? If you have feelings and he wants to keep treating you like a booty call, call it quits. But if your okay with the situation then this is how it will continue to be. Him saying that is like saying I only want you to have sex with because that's all your good for. Do you always want to be that girl. There is someone out there that will think you are worth more. You just have to be willing to get rid of the trash

  • You're a hook up. Or friends with benifits. If you liek it, well keep going but if you don't just tell him. And if does like you, he will come back to you because it's like that quote. You don't know what you have till it's gone.