When should I text my girlfriend (High school)?

My girlfriend and I have been dating since January. We've been pretty much texting and talking every day. We use a lot of emojis and text a ton throughout the day and especially after school. In February I went to New York city with some friends, and she couldn't go. While I was there, we texted all the time. I felt bad because I knew she wanted to go but couldn't, so I made an effort to text her very often. about two weeks ago, she stopped using as many emojis when we texted, and we started to text less and less, but we facetimed about the same amount. This past week (beginning of March) we texted the same amount as the week before, which was still less than previously, and we facetimed a little bit less than usual. Our facetimes are still great. Nothing has changed there, just the texting has become a lot more conservative. This week she has a stressful week getting all her work done for spring break. I said goodbye to her before she left, and I haven't talked to her since. She said she was going to text me over the break, and I haven't heard from her at all for about three days now. However despite all of this, our interactions in person have seemed just fine everyday. I've just been getting vibes when texting her that she needed/wanted some space. My question is, should I just wait it out for her to text me at some point this week, or should I send her a text saying I hope you've had a nice trip or something like that before she gets back. (She gets back one day from now, but I bet she'll be too tired to talk when she gets home.) any advice is greatly appreciated.


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  • Text her and ask to see if she's ok and how's she's doing. I'd suggest asking if there's anything wrong because she hasn't texting as often but not until after she's back at home and settled in

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