Bf didn't invite me to hangout with his friends , should I be upset?

We've been dating for 8 months. I did meet his friends in the past, we did hangout a few times. But this weekend he didn't invite me to hangout with them and all his friends were with their bfs and gfs and he didn't take me with him. That made me feel super awful:(He hasn't hung with his friends for a while cause wwe've been hanging out all the time but he still could've invited me to come with him. Should i be upset?:(


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  • Yes I want my SO with me ALL the time and everywhere. EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, my buddies and I might have an all guys weekend going hiking or whitewater rafting. Then it is just us. And that is once a year at most. Usually once every 18 months. We do not bring our wives and GFs to that. If it had been a weekend like that, then yes you should let it go. But since it was a weekend where everyone was bringing their SO, you should find out why you were not included.

  • If it was all couples then yeh, I can see why you'd be upset.
    Maybe he just wanted to hang out with his friends on his own since he spends most of his time with you


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