So I don't really feel confident anymore I just feel like some ugly guy that can only be a friend?

So I ask girls out and I always get a no the one time I got a different answer was with this girl and it was a maybe then it changed to no I don't see you that way and I can usually take rejection well but Fuck all I keep hearing is oh I don't see you that way, or I just like you as a friend, your too nice, your not my type, your not tall enough 5'10, wrong race, your too ugly, your not fun enough, your boring, your a downer, your too fat, yeah been rejected by shallow and bitchy people and some normal people now I just don't have confidence anymore and I think I'm. Just going to be that lonely old guy on the block that has his own place but nobody to share it with or just having friends come in an out of my life

My leg is broken so I can't really do much of anything right now


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  • Girls really say those things to you? You're boring, too fat, too ugly etc?

    • Yeah they have

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    • Thano sand I now some cool girls but I am only a friend to them and I'm cool with it but everyone is finding someone to help me when there down and I'm all alone so to speak and that sucks

    • I'm sorry. Hope it gets better soon.

  • I do want to apologize for all the assholes you have had in your life, we are not all like that, don't give up. But at the same time do give up, focus more on you and what you want, when you are ready she will show up trust me

    • Yeah I have been told that but at this point my confidence is crushed and it's hard to do anything since my leg is broken so not in a good place right now

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    • Dang I'll behave for a bit just so I can kik you

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