What do I do now?

Me and a guy I have been seeing fell out :/ wasn't a bad argument tho just silly really , I messaged him this morning but he ignored it :( he has never ever in the two
Years have ignored me , what do I do? We are so close and talk everyday , help? Does it seem like he's angry and upset with me to do this


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  • CALL HIM. Apologize and tell him you miss him.

    • I have and we are chatting , I ended it yesterday and he's asked how I'm feeling about it all and he says he's feeling sh.. t , I don't no what to do because I love him and I don't want it to end :( what should I say

    • Call him and say you are sorry. You lost your temper and said things you didn't mean. start over and both of you need to learn to be more calm when fighting. fhat is An art but can be done

  • Panic. Cry. Suffer.


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