I don't want my wife to already have a child. Do men agree?

Like, when I'm looking for a life partner, I'm not looking for two or more life partners. We'll talk about that later.

  • She can have a child.
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  • I want to be her one and only child. :P
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Figure out whatever men voted A. You don't want to date ANY of them.
The scientific opinion is that kids make you less happy:

Unless you can find someone else to do all the brutally hard work of raising a child for you:

No thanks ladies.


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  • If im financially stable, I've got a degree under my belt and I wanted a child... I'd have one by adopting a child.

    Men may never be ready, it's all an adventure and it usually happens without your permission
    lol but I'd get her on the pill!!! And don't dump your cum in her, she will milk you and it will be great for you until you have to feed another little mouth.

    • Definitely plan your family. +1'ed

    • Also, apparently don't have more than 2 kids, basically ever. They are hard work, and it will make you unhappy. Plus, it's not fair to the kids.

    • Yes! Definitely consider the childrens situation before inviting them into your world! They need emotionally/mentally stable parents who can provide and care for them equally.

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  • "I want to be her one and only child. :P"
    eeehhhhh? Sounds creepy. And immature.

  • No one should have a child. End Humanity

    • I love humanity :)))

      And children do make some people happier. They are just the minority, :P

  • I get what you're saying- I also would prefer for my fuure husband to not have any kids before me; but key word here is prefer. If I really loved the guy I could get over it. My issue with him having a kid is that, a kid creates a bond between two people and I don't like the idea of him having a connection/ has been that close and serious with another woman. Plus when I get married if prefer to wait to have kids for a few years so we could have fun just the two of us, because once you have a kid your life is permanently changed.

    • I see what you mean. My point is that I would not invest in loving a woman who already had a kid. I'd just find one who didn't and love her instead.

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