What is your defination on dating?

What is your defination on dating? When someone says they are dating i assume they mean they are that phase before actually getting in a relationship. But it seems like some people thinks/belives that dating is the same as being in a relationship. Is there a difference?


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  • I have no idea how younger people establish when they're in a relationship these days. Cause if I ask anyone how they got their girlfriend, they just say "oh I asked her out a few weeks ago."


  • I think technically that yes, if you're dating then it isn't necesseraly a relationship yet. But I imagine I was dating someone that I would at least hope we were only seeing each other


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  • I tend to believe there is a HUGE difference between dating and a relationship.

    Below is simply my thoughts:

    Dating is when two people are enjoying each other's company really to test out the waters, so to speak, see if there is a fit. A relationship is when there are two people who are committed to each other, similar to marriage without the paper.

    • i agree... i was asking a question on here and i refered the guy im seeing/dating as a guy i was dating, and people started giving opinions about my boyfriend... so i got a bit confused

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