Will it always be this way?

This may seem weird to you guys but here goes. My 27 almost 28 year old bf and I have been together 4 years now and he acts like a total momma's boy. He always tells her his good news first before me. For example when he found out he had a job interview for this really good job he told her first. When he got the job he told told her first. He always gets his mom more expensive and extravagant gifts than he gets me for the same occasion. He will drop plans with me to see his mom at the drop of a hat instead of telling her he has plans already. I just always feel like second best and it sucks. My mom said if he is still putting his mom first all the time after 4 years and he is almost 28 years old then he will never change and I should expect that to always be the case. Is that true? My friends and my mom also say that after 4 years of being serious I should be more equal to him. Thoughts. Will he always act like a momma's boy and put me second or do you think there is still time for him to change.


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  • There is a very simple solution for you. You go and talk him about how he makes you feel. Tell him it would be nice, to make me come first sometimes. He always drop our plans for his mum.

    If this guys is not willing to put you first, then really its time for you to move on. You should ask him, who is in a relationship with his mum or you? say to him you don't feel like his girlfriend at all, more like a barbie doll, I have no importance.

    • Tell him, its nice that he has good relationship with his mum, and you don't want to ruin it. But you feel you are always 2nd best to him mum. If I am always going to be 2nd best in terms of plans and gifts, then frankly I don't want to be in this relationship any longer..

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