Why does she love me? She is way better than I am. How can you love someone that worse?

I mean, my girlfriend is beautiful, funny, social, intelligent, she has great grades, she has goals and achieves them.

And than, me: I'm pretty bad looking, I'm always closed in my room during summer holiday, I'm boring to people and I have no goals, no motivation for anything, my grades suck.

How does she love me? I feel great with her, I love her. But I just don't understand how can a girl like her love a guy like me.


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  • Dude, have some confident. She see something in you that she like :)

    You're boring? Get a hobby or do something interesting for once
    No goal? Get a goal
    Your grade suck? Time to hit the library
    Bad looking? Obviously not because your gf fall for you
    I see nothing wrong with chilling in your room during summer holiday, it whatever.

    • It's not about confience, it's about being realistic.
      Well I've tried but I never enjoy anything, not even sports or gym.
      I can't get a life goal just like that.
      True, I'll try that one.
      Even Leo Messi is bad looking and has girlfriend, so sometimes they do choose ugly guys.
      But I mean, almost 3 months closed in my room? That's kind of weird I guess.

    • It is about confident. Confident is about being self-assured and accepting who you are.
      I'm sure you enjoy something, everybody have something they enjoy.

      You're young, there plenty of time to think of a goal and pursue em.
      If you're really curious why your gf choose you, ask her? She could boost your confident and self-esteem because it seem like you badly need one.

  • sometimes young people, just love people for who they are as a person. most people at your age have no idea what to do with their lives. fuck I don't know what's happening with my life

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