He only text or calls once or twice a week and I only see him once a week is the relationship going nowhere?

I've been dating this guy for almost 3 months now. We had a talk and he said we are exclusive but he's not ready for the bf label, he said he thinks it's too soon and we should get to know each other more. He says he enjoys his time with me and wants to keep seeing me but it's too soon to tell where it's heading. He works 3 jobs which only allows him to see me once and week lately. Some weeks we talk often and some weeks we only text or call once. He does call me to see how I am doing during the week sometimes. Im I asking for too much that he would contact me more often, I don't want to seem needy with all his jobs. sometimes well be texting and he won't answer if it's not really a question. He told me from the beginning of our relationship he hates texting but does all this mean he's just not into me enough, or am I just being needy and insecure?


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  • Talk to him about it... you need what you need in a relationship, don't pretend you don't need it, otherwise you will just become resentful. Good luck! :)

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