Is she interested in me?

We met online about a year ago, we didn't talk much then, played videogames together and chatted occasionally, then fast forward a couple of months, I started developing feelings towards her, I fell in love with her personality, big time. It was weird at first because I think myself as a bit shallow person. I started talking to her more and more, we started texting A LOT, playing together every night, and just generally having fun. She confides in me, tells me stuff she never talks about to anyone else, she sends me lots of pictures of herself and her dog and about stuff she's doing at the moment.

Two months ago, she asked me if I wanted to join her group of 7, on a LAN event, I said yes, obviously. We ended up spending time together, only 2 of us, like 95% of the time being there. We drove around the city, went shopping, eating, just two of us, listening to music and driving around. Even if we had some silent moments during driving around, it didn't feel awkward at all. Just being around her made me feel serene.

I just stared at her while she was fixing her hair, or putting on lipstick, I have never had such urge to kiss anyone spontaneously. Whenever I talked to her, we locked eyes, for a long time, throughout the conversations we didn't lose eye contact at all. Sometimes she would just randomly turn around to look into my direction with a really sweet smile and staring into my eyes, like she could see my soul, she has the most beautiful eyes and her smile only fulfills them. When I did the same to her she always started smiling.

After 4 days, the event was over and we had to separate, I felt really sad, wondering when I would see her again. She already invited me to join the next one, which is in summer, but I'm not sure if I can wait that long. Her birthday is next month, and I already have bought a present for her. I've been planning to ask her if she wants to meet on her birthday, I could stay for a couple of days. But I'm not sure if wants to.

After the event, she has become a tease, she teases me with all little things, if I do something wrong she'll call me a goof, if I accidentally say something relatively stupid she will just burst up laughing and call me a retard. This playful teasing and name calling has become a mutual thing though. We call each other with funny names. Whenever she teases me like that, I can hear a smile in her voice.

When we're talking alone, she talks to me with the cutest, sweetest voice I've ever heard.
Just checked out the numbers, haha. We have exchanged ~18,000 messages and ~600 images since December. And still counting.


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  • Hell yeah she is interested. But the bigger question is : What the fuck are you doing waiting around? Ask her out or at least let her know what you feel about her! -_-;

    • Thing is, she knows how I feel, at least knows that I like her and have feelings towards her. I'm not just sure if she's waiting for me to make a move, like, as a confirmation that I truly like her, and still like her after meeting for the first time.

      Last time I spoke with her about my feelings, a month before she invited me to the event, she was unsure, talking about how I probably would feel different about her once I met her. Well, hell yeah, I fell even deeper in love. She's more than I expected.

    • then time to let her know and reassured her insecurity about your feeling toward her. There a million question ask by girls on here about "does he really like me" even when the guy is being super obvious about it. That the thing, you have to make a move or else she still have doubt.

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