Is it wrong for me to want to have more alone time?

I've been with my boyfriend for 7 months. I love him very much and I could see us being married someday, but he wants to spend so much time together and I am exhausted. I work and go to school and it takes a lot out of me already.

He is the type of person who is very social and doesn't like time to himself a lot. I'm the opposite. I'm very introverted and need me-time more than anything. I also need my sleep in order to function the next day.

Over the past month or so, since we said I love you for the first time, he has been wanting to spend all of his time with me. Don't get me wrong, I love being with him. We work together right now until he finds another job. So I see him at work at least 2 days a week for a few hours. Then he usually wants to hang out after we get off. He works nights and I work mostly mornings, so when he gets off late, he wants to have dinner or come by and just talk for a while. When he doesn't come by, he calls me when he knows I'm sleeping in the middle of the night and wants to talk.
Now, all of this would be totally fine, but I have to get up at 5am most days, so I'm having a hard time getting used to it.

I don't want to sound selfish or like I don't want to be with him. Because I know I have a great guy and I never take that for granted. But I don't find myself missing him like before because we see each other so much all the time. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to go out late, but I say yes anyway because I don't want him to think it's because I don't want to be with him.

I just don't know what to do. How can I have my time to myself, but still show him that I love him and want to be with him?


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  • Of course!


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  • Space is very important in a relationship. There needs to be room to miss each other. It doesn't sound like you're getting that. Try explaining to him that you feel a little overwhelmed and that the constant time together is taking a toll.

    • How do you suggest I bring this up? I feel so bad because he tells me every day that he wishes we had even more time together.

    • It's tricky. But just try to sit him and down and explain to him that you're not sleeping good and that you need maybe a night or 2 a week