How should I do this?

Ok so i like this girl and she knows i like her but she doesn't know i know that she knows i like her. She has a boyfriend who treats her like shit but she is head over heels for him. I really love this girl and can't stand to see her with this piece of trash guy who ignores her and calls her a bitch. WHAT SHOULD I DO? she dosent really know if she likes me or something but we are really close friends.


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  • Show her that you could treat her better

    • i have, she has asked if i would go out with her without sex and i said hell yes. I sneak in comments complimenting her on her beauty

    • she knows i like her to. one of my shit head friends told her

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  • Fight for her if you love her you should co it. Tell her tell her dad hell get rid of him for you.


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