Is it a good thing that she said this to me?

I told a girl i like that that she was a just about perfect woman. Why would she want to talk to an average guy like me." And her responce was "Well just want to be friends for now until I get my stuff together so I don't end up hurting myself or even you. But Dj you are not just an average guy. I am however just an average female. I'm far from perfect. Don't ever think someone is better than you boo. You're amazing". Im not sure what to think about this?


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  • She seems like a nice girl that cares about people's feelings

  • You've been friend-zoned. Sorry to break it to you :( \

    BUT, don't take it personally, it just means that you are not her type. Also, she meant it when she said that you are an amazing person. She has a good opinion of you, and sincerely thanked you for your good opinion of her.

    • So then why when i was with her Sunday she was hugging me in my car and kissing on my neck?

    • Okay you left that part out of your original question

    • there's more stuff like that but im not gonna go into crazy detail

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