Does true love exist anymore?

Does it still exist... the romance...
In todays age all we ever care about is ourselves how many likes we get , if we can get instantly famous if we can achieve even bigger lips then kylie jenners. We've become so involved in ourselves we forgot how to care for others. People play games with other people and their feelings just to feel dominant and make sure their ego isn't crushed if they even show the slightest bit of attraction or courtship. To me its kinda sad that we have developed dating websites in order to get instant gratification and find a perfect match just because they like chipotle as much as we do. It sucks technology has changed how much we socialize. Growing up i was hoping the boy would come up to my door to ask me on a date. Now all i get are kik messages saying " aye wassup" while he's probably texting 500 other girls ( half of which he's never met ) the same text and guys liking all your instagram pictures instead of just saying it to your face that he thinks your beautiful.. Were all turning into narcissistic cowards!!

Am i the only one who feels like this?


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  • I feel the same way. I always liked sweet innocent romance, but I feel like everything is about sex now. But rest assure, love exists. I sometimes hear about wonderful love stories between people.


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  • I'm sure it does but you got to go through many frogs to find your prince