Girl didn't say single word why? Any idea?

I was n the mall I saw beautiful girl her I said hi with smile she look at me without saying anything !! I said hi again no response I ask her why you dont talk? And no answer :) I told her whats your pro and no answer I become mad I told her I will throw myself in the sea I thought she will say something on this but also no answer no word no voice

Any explain?


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  • She doesn't have to speak to you if she doesn't want to and given how dramatic you got, I can't say I blame her.
    What a cheek asking her what her problem is because she didn't want to engage with you. Some people do trust their gut reactions to situations and people.
    She may have a boyfriend already or just wanted to enjoy some time with her friends without making any new ones !


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  • She's not interested or she doesn't know English

    • Wow if she's not intrested she will be 100% silence this is new idea are you sure?

      she was talking English With her friends

    • Positive haha I am female so I would know.

    • Ok thank you

  • She probably wasn't interested or has a boyfriend. Or maybe she doesn't like talking to people she doesn't know... Could be many reasons.

  • It is scary having total stranger up in your face and be all "what is your problem? I said hi to you!" I would have gone to mall security and say someone is harassing me.


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