How can I stop overthinking?

So I know that labels are sometimes stupid. But the thing is I have only been in one serious relationship in the past and labels were pretty serious for him as well as me (i was young and dumb haha). Anyways. I've been seeing a guy for over a month. He's introduced his friends to me and one friend from out of town is coming to visit him for a week so I won't really be able to see him cause he's not sure if his friend will feel like a third wheel, which is fine and I'm gonna meet him (the friend) this weekend anyways at a group hangout. But anyways he joked about how he wishes he could sneak me in to his place when his friend is sleeping. Now I've been a guys secret before and it seriously killed my confidence, but when I told him I don't like being a secret he reassured me i'm not a secret at all and that he can't stop talking about me with all his friends and co-workers. I would do the same with my co-workers and friends except when I mention him, I honestly have no idea what to call him aside from 'the guy I'm seeing." I don't know how he talks about me with others but do other people have this confusion as far as labeling people they are dating but not yet in a committed relationship with? Or is it just me who is being stupid about it?


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  • I don't think that by remarking that he wishes he could sneak you in while his friend is sleeping he meant in any way that he was trying to keep you a secret.

    I think he was trying to say that he wished he could have you over but it would be inconsiderate to his guest.

    I'm sure he has nothing but good to say about you to his friends and co-workers.

    Calm down before you give yourself a migraine.

  • It does sound like you're overthinking, but just a little. Don't worry too much. As for feeling stupid, don't. That happens normally to all of us.


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