Dating relationships?

can a dating relationship work. if you like everything about them except having that 1 thing which is an attraction. such as. butterfly feelings, heart racing etc. I never feel that for anybody. but think it should not matter if you like everything else about them. what's you opinion?


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  • I don't think it should matter all that much especially if you like everything else about this person. Butterflies and chem are wonderful, but sometimes you need to really work and know your partner well to reap those rewards.

    • yeah :) see even if I don't have those feeling. I would still work hard on the relationship. thanks for your opinion.

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  • I am currently dating a girl I do not see myself with long term, but for now I really enjoy her. We get a long super well and she is hot as well. But having been in relationships where I did feel those 'butterflys', I can say I have never felt that with her, not even on the first date. so ya, it can happen.

    • Thanks for your opinion :). glad to know things can still work out even if you don't have those feelings.