How to fix this?

So, I have this girl I met a bit ago. A week ago we were in a house party and has some kisses.

After it I asked her if she wants to meet me again, she said yes.

I invited her to a bar and after half an hour of talking she asked: "we're just going to be friends, right?"

This is where I made a big mistake. I told her that I'm into her instead of saying something like "well, I don't know. I don't even know you yet."

After that I understood I failed but we still had a great conversation, but a guy at the pub was pushy and flirted with the girl. I got upset and left the two of them there. The next day I wrote to her about my decision and that I didn't mean to be rude.

She understood me and told me no problem.

Today I've invited her to playing billiards, she replied like: "Do you really want to play billiards with me? I'm not very good at it."

I replied: "Sure. I'll teach you. And if you fail hard, at least we drink something." (This is the point where I made a decision about myself to be more confident with her, I think I lacked this with her before,)

She replied now with: "Today I don't have time, how about tomorrow?"
I replied: "Tomorrow."

So I need an advice on how to get this girl. I think the main concern here would be to calm her down with the "I know you don't want anything from me, that's no problem, but I like you, so we could hang out a bit if you're interested as well" attitude.

Any ideas?

Well, she called it off, stating she got home late from work, and she's tired.

I told her "no problem, I appreciate you want to show me your best" (jokingly of course). Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow?

Then she told me "next week would be better. okaaay? ;) :)"

So I passed her the ball and replied: "Alright, sign when you're ready, okaaay? ;)"

So, to sum it up, I think there will be no more meeting her, as I'm 80% sure she won't contact me again.


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  • Ok so you're Hungarian so I think you guys are actually a little more upfront with your emotions than my nationals, yes?

    I think some context might be lost here. Second date if a guy would have told me he doesn't know if we could be "friends" that would be pretty cold fish or playing coy which I'm not into.

    It all depends on how you said you were into her and if it came off and creepy or confirming what she already knows and digs (you).

    She's agreed to see you again so calm down and assume things are moving in the right direction. I also agree with smiles that no pretty woman wants to feel like a prize. The biggest date ender for me is when a guy starts telling me whatever he thinks I want to hear or agrees with me, pretends to know what I'm talking about.

    Be you, be polite and remember that this is a two way getting to know one another process, you have certain qualities you're looking for in a mate as well so remember it is a bit of a push/ pull.

  • You answered your own question. A "lets hang out and see if anything happens" is a good way to go about it. Puts less pressure on you to try and impress her. Just be her friend, don't try to win her like she is a prize. If it works out great. If not then you have a friend


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