My ex keeps going back to her rebound?

After we break up, she goes back to him. Then she comes back to me. She cheated on me with him, she was telling me she loved me every night, while he was spending the night at her house.. Why?

We dated for 3 years. She dated him for a year after we broke up. Now she's back again.


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  • She is this Fickle pickle here, dear, and it will always be a Full circle pattern, no matter if it were Some other Schmo from Idaho-------She was telling me she loved me every night.
    She wants her cake and it two, sweetie. She may be apart from you, but she has Marked her X in her own softie spot and in your own heart.
    You need to dump her like a hot potato. She will never change, just get worse. While she is in between the cheat sheet with This guy, and she may keep you around as someone she can feel she can always lean on.
    Don't let her make a fool out of you, leaving egg all over your face. This chick is hot to trot and it will only go down a beaten path of War of the Rotten Roses... something doesn't smell good in Denmark with this one.
    Good luck. xx

  • She clearly doesn't know what she wants tell her to decide who she wants because you deserve better than that

    • I have but she always goes back to him after we have an argument or something. Then she goes to me..

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