Does online dating really work? Or is it just hype? What would a guy have to do?

So does it really work, better than bars/friends?

Is it better for relationships or fwb/hookup type relationships?

As a guy (because GOD FORBID women ever lift a finger) what do I need to do to be successful?

  • Yea it works, If you do it right (Explain below)
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  • No its just hype don't waste your money
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  • Better for LTR relationships (Explain below)
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  • Better for FWB/Hookups (Explain below)
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  • It works, but only if you are a woman (shocker!)
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Any Women have any insights, what do you look for in a profile in an online dating site?


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  • You need good pictures (smile, body shots, activities) and a fun, well written, intriguing profile.

    • Ok I can do smile and activities, what do you recommend for a guy who isn't obese, but out of shape? What do women find intriguing anyway? I'm not rich just FYI...

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    • So like me and my buddies going snowboarding type stuff?

    • Perfect! I see tons of pictures of people snowboard as part of their profile.

      Stuff you like to do! Solo pictures are better, but the odd one or two with you in a group is okay.

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What Girls Said 1

  • It's just out there so people can make money. No real relationship that will last can ever evolve out of a screen or some form of technology. It's natural instinct to really only deeply connect when we see each other face to face. Our brain takes into account a lot more than we think it does. Even the other persons body language says a lot about them. Little things like that are hard for the brain to connect when it's a stagnant image on a screen. It's a waste of time and energy. For more long lasting dating/marriage etc, in person is where it is at.


What Guys Said 4

  • I think it can work sometimes. I don't have firsthand experience with those sites but I know other people that have used them and it's worked, sometimes. I think the most fun to meet girls is through friends though. If one of your boys is married and his wife has a good looking friend, talk to that friend. Be cool, exchange numbers and maybe something will happen. That was just one example. Just hanging out with friends, especially female friends, will draw the attention of other females. Works every time.

    • Yea none of my guy friends are married, they are either players or have terrible luck with women as I do. Its hard to meet female friends they seem as off put by me for a friend as for a bf.

    • Then hangout with the players. It's easy to stand out when hanging out with players, if you're not a player yourself. If in a social setting and you're with players, the girls notice who is trying to play them, so you won't seem as outgoing and forward. Pick one girl you see, start talking about anything (not the weather), and if you're able to hold a conversation for several minutes ask for her number before you split. Text her later that night, and if she responds almost immediately it most likely means she's interested.

  • Yes it works.
    I found my wife that way. No bar sluts who have had many men before..
    I gess the secret is simple, most people are looking for a BF or a GF. online you are looking for a husband or a wife..
    Try Philippino girls lol. They have family values. Oh, and one with few sisters or brothers.

    • Filipinas, I have always liked them ;) What site did you meet your wife on out of curiosity?

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    • Were do you live? In the US?
      You anonymous so i can't send a email

    • Yes good old USA.

  • as stupid as it may sounds, I think it works but not on a dating website. I just wouldn't trust people on dating site ( never tried any). Everybody can lie, or catfish, or try to get some money etc...

    I trust way more when you meet a girl/guy on a random site, not dating site (like this one).

    I actually met my first GF on a language exchange site, because i was looking to learn korean, and ask koreans some questions about their country.

    The reason why I find it better is because on other site than online dating sites, you are not looking for a GF/BF. So you dont lie, or try to hard, and way less scammer.

    Us, for exemple, I never tried to hide anything, and her too, we were honest from the beginning and showed our true color from the get go. Because we didn't expect to fall in love anyway, and I thought: its internet, i will probably never see her in my life anyway, dont need to lie or change my personality, if she doesn't like it, just too bad, I ll find another language exchange partner.

    The only downside is that I live in Canada, and her in korea, so its pretty hard to meet, we will actually meet for the first time this summer! can't wait!

    Anyway, long story short, in my opinion, i dont believe it can work FOR ME, on dating site, but somewhere else, yes.

    But its different for eveyone, might work for you. Just be carefull.

    Have a nice day!

  • It does work.

    • Care to elaborate for a total n00b, please?