How do I pursue the right girl?

Guys this is more of a question for you. I have been talking to a couple of women whom I could all see myself with and they all show an interest in me as far as taking things to the next level beyond friends. How do I pick the right one to date? Is there a way?

Girls feel free to give your opinion on it.


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  • Oh woe is me, I have too many women ;)

    I never thought I'd encourage this but pull a 'Ross' and make a list lol...
    Think about what the most important traits are for you.

    Just try not to end up dating multiple women at once haha.
    No girl should ever just be an option though :)

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    • Haha :)

      Yeah lol, 'the one with Ross's list' or something haha.
      So glad you got that reference, saved me looking silly lol!

      Well I hope you make the right decision :)

    • Oh yes I looked it up now I remember. Rachel thinks Ross is making fun of her being a waitress haha.

      Thanks :)

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  • Date them all and pick the one you like best