Would you prove someone that you can make them happy, even though he/she heart was broken?

It's official that my guy friend likes me but I don't know if he wants to be in a relationship because he will be leaving soon. Before I met him he told my dad that he had a girlfriend during high school and when he graduated he decided to go to the air force four years later ( when he was finished ) the girl that he was with was married to someone else and he had to find out by someone else. A year later that's when we met and we have been so close we connected and have a special bond and he loved that. He knows what type of girl I was ( I don't talk to guys or flirt, if I have a boyfriend I don't talk to no guys unless they are my friends ) but I still think he is scared I want to prove him wrong but he told me I can find someone better than him but he is wrong. How can I prove him wrong?


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  • Honestly, there's nothing much you can do. His past experience will make it very difficult for him to believe that you'll still be around for him after he comes back.

    • I understand and yeah because it's going to be another 4 years again, and I wouldn't be surprise If she told him she will be waiting or something like that

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  • This kinda reminds me of my ex and I, he and I met 3 months before he went into the Air Force. He was still healing from his last gf (from high school) and he had a lot of trust issues. By the time had to leave, we had built a strong enough bond and trust to decide that we were going to put in the work and see where it takes us. We agreed to be faithful, we sent handwritten letters, phone calls and visits as often as we could.

    If you can have a serious sit down with him and let him know that you want to give it a shot. The proof will have to be in the pudding, in how much effort you are willing to put into it.. My relationship lasted 2 years long distance, but we struggled to close the gap and ultimately couldn't. So keep in mind that long distance relationships don't work well for long periods of time, at least generally speaking.. You'll have to practice patience in a big way, insecurities may surface more, and trust will be tested.

    • And yes I can, I have been in a long distance before and the other guy messed that up, and he knows i'm faithful and he is too, his ex girlfriend was a fully Christian so I'm thinking if she did that he will have a hard time trusting me and I truly understand and I was very patient with him, I work travel and sometimes I will be gone for 2 months so hopefully he will using this as a test to see if he can trust me because that's what I did and I told him that too and I can trust him even though I went through a bad long distance relationship

    • If you two can get on the same page and accept that neither of you are like the others ex you can make it work. I know it's hard but it's crucial that you leave the baggage from your exes behind. Otherwise, you are bringing all of the anxiety, insecurities and trust issues with you and it will tear you two apart. My ex and I, had that understanding, both of us had, had trust issues from our exes betrayal over a long distance relationship and there were times when anxieties resurfaced. You'll have to be each others rock, and be comfortable reassuring the other over and over again, that it's only the mind getting the best of them and there's nothing to worry about.. As hard as it is, my best advice for the two of you is to leave the baggage. Sometimes you have to leave yourself wide open and vulnerable to reap the rewards of what could be, but don't do it if you two aren't ready to put your heart on the line. Good luck and I wish you all the best :)