Help me get a sense of what is going through his mind? Just started talking?

I have been talking to this guy for just over a month now. He was fresh out of a relationship. We have liked each other for over a year at this point and started spending a lot of time together. We have a lot in common and talk on a daily basis. He texted me late the other night and said,

"I cannot stop thinking about you and I cannot sleep. It is kind of scary."...

We had a normal convo throughout the next couple days and when he came to see me soon after he elaborated and said...

"It is scary because I don't know if I am catching feelings for you because I am getting over my relationship... or if it is because I really have strong feelings for you... & it is also scary because I don't know how you feel."

... Help me understand this a little more guys? I thought I was just a rebound but I need some advice and opinion as far as where he is in though.


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  • What do you need to understand?
    He's worried because he feels he likes you a lot but doesn't want it to just be a rebound, he wants a serious relationship.
    He's also worried because he isn't sure how you feel in all of this


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