My long-distance boyfriend cheating?

I have had a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend for over a year and a half.
He cheated twice during this time. I do not know whether I should forgive him because it was a long-distance relationship, and it was almost as we were not together - we could not see each other in real, have physical contact, or even talk every day due to our respective commitments and hour difference. He also claimed he cheated because he lacked emotional and physical proximity with somebody.
He wants to move in together in a year once he is finished with his degree, and I feel like once we live together we will start a Relationship for real he will not cheat again.
Moreover, after the last cheating he matured (I think), he is more responsible and I have noticed a lot of changes about him. It also makes me think that he really changed and I should give him a chance.
Do you think like me, or should I ditch him? Any experience in long distance?


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  • I'm in somewhat of the same situation and considered cheating a few times but never followed through. I know where he's coming from; it's hard to stay loyal when you barely ever see your SO. I say you should forgive him but state, in no uncertain terms, that he can't do it again. Moving in should change everything for the better. Good luck!

  • I would have to dump them. I wouldn't be able to trust them after that.
    If, on the other hand, you were able to move past that then big respect to you!
    Just be careful

    • Do you think he will cheat again?

    • You know him more than me. At first glance, yes. But you say he's changed and I can only take your word for it.

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