Seeing a shy guy; is it normal for me to initiate things more?

After 6 months, my shy guy asked me out after I asked him how he felt about me and confessed. So it's only been about a week and a half since he asked me out but so far it's been me that has asked him to hang out or do something. He holds my hands, and we kiss each other so I mean he isn't that shy... but he's also horrendous at texting so we don't see or talk to each other that much.

We've gone out on one date, and i invited him to meet a friend of mine and her BF as they invited us to play some board games with them. Is that okay? Normal? I feel like he doesn't like me as much but then again it did take him 6 months and me interrogating him to confess.

Any general advice?


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  • Shy guy will always be shy, even a relationship. Sometimes they do give the impression, they don't like you sometimes, that's cause of the shyness. That will be fine what you are doing. A girl helping a shy guy to get out of his comfort zone is good thing. Just give him some more time, to get to know you.

    Once he starts feeling comfortable with you, he will start initiating things you.

    • Okay, so i guess I will have to be initiating a lot of things for now? And the texting thing though, he admitted to being a bad texter but i wonder if he even thinks about me or why just stops answering... i dont want to bring it up because it seems to serious but like cmon man...

    • Just speak to him about it, ask him why doesn't he respond your texts. I can't answer that. He can't be that shy, he can't respond back.

    • you could also to be speak to him about, initiating things in the relationship. Tell him it would be nice. sort give him a push. If you fee, l things are still too passive on his side of things, then you have too consider moving on. That's communicating with him doesn't work

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  • yeah thats perfectly normal

  • shy cause can be really shy. he is prob bad at texting cause he doesn't want to mess things up or something. Yes, you will have to ask him to hang out because he prob doesn't want to bother you.


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