I want her back after breaking up with her too quick and my childish behavior.. help :'( ?

Hi guys,

I have been in a long distance relationship with a great girl since December but i screwed it up because of some childish behavior i had (taking decisions quickly about her behavior or not answering my texts etc) which led me to break up with her because she didn't answer a text on whatsapp that she read... but the day after i realised how childish is my behavior.

I told her im sorry for such behavior and i learned a lot from it, im still in touch with her by calling her/random texting etc... but i do wanna prove to her that it won't happen again and that im the mature man she deserves.

She said she needs time to think about it and she is giving me the silent treatment now, she doesn't call or text i always do.

What can i do so she can be convinced to start a new page. She meanq a lot to me and wouldn't risk loosing her for such behavior i did.

She is a tough and realistic person if that could help and she's looking for serious stuff (and me too) which will lead to marriage eventually.

Appreciate your help guys.


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  • Let her know how you feel and if she asks for space then give it to her. You owe her that. She might feel like you're playing with her emotions and is probably thinking about everything. Don't be needy. Just tell her how it is and let her know you'll be there when she wants to talk about it.


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