Torn between wanting to give up on girl or wait it out and see if she comes back or not?

there is this local girl that I know but haven't seen a lot of her since she went off to school in another city a few months back. we knew each other fairly well and hung out a number of times during the summer and at bars around here. she also lives just down the street from me so sort of like the girl next door.
but after a few months of her not being around feeling rather frustrated and don't get the feeling she really cares much about me although she got jealous when she saw me hanging out with another girl during the holidays. I don't know torn between just wanting to give up on her or waiting it out a bit longer and seeing if she comes home in a couple months and maybe we'd hang out again? but a part of me feels that she's gone and not a realistic option anymore but she was someone that I knew fairly well so not sure


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  • Well what do you really feel you should do? Like what do you strongly feel? Giving up or waiting

    • I don't know you could say I'm on the fence as they say. there is reasons to wait and reasons to just give up. both are good reasons. a reason to wait might be she seemed to like me last year and she did live nearby , if she were to come back she'd be easy to reconnect with. and we already know each other.
      however a reason to walk might be she hasn't made any effort to stay in touch , she hasn't been around and she doesn't seem that interested at this time but things could change if she were to move back here and get away from people she's friends with in the city

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    • I'm not sure wouldn't be waiting past like say may , by then I'd have a better idea what she was doing and if she was back home or not. i'll still try and meet other girls not sure if i'll be able to find many around here though

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  • She probably moved on when she thought you were dating someone else. Women can sense these things. If you didn't make a move, then why would she think you liked her?

    • guess that's possible but more she might of though I liked someone else than I was actually dating someone else already

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  • I advise against waiting for her unless, of course, she explicitly stated an intent to be with you.

    Nevertheless, it really depends upon what you are willing to risk to be with her. Are you willing to risk rejecting someone else who you could potentially blissfully be in coupledom with, for the sole sake of being with your crush? Or, emotionally investing in her even though your are unsure of whether she feels the same?

    If the pros outweigh the cons, then you have your answer, correct?

    • there is also a 3rd possibility she might not come back and i'll have no choice but to move on without her , she might just decide to stay in city and never live at home again she's at that age such a possibility is realistic and if she's there is no realistic chance of us being together.
      also not likely to be a lot of dating options coming my way so waiting till may isn't that long a wait and if nothing happens by then I might have my answer either way.