When a guy says you are hard to date?

Being friends with this guy for three years. One day when we were just discussed our opinions about relationships and out of nowhere he told me that I am hard to date. What does that suppose to mean?


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  • It could mean a million thing. It could mean you're are hard to please, it could mean you're too busy, hard to talk to, hard to relate with, hard to be intimate with, or it could mean he not experience enough to date you, and ton more reason.

    • but he also said when he first met me, he didn't think I was hard to date. I just don't understand why he suddenly brought this up.

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    • That's a good one. I mean guys said I am attractive, but they never have the balls to date me. :(

    • Make the first move and ask them out on date then. It the 21st century. Nothing wrong for a woman to go after who she want, no need to wait around.

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