Am I in love? I don't know what I'm feeling? I've never felt this way even though I've crushed before?

I get butterflies around him
My heart races when I even hear his name
I feel obsessed
I've never wanted someone so bad
He would fit perfectly with me and my family
He brings out the happy, fun, and smart side of me
We have a lot in common
I miss him
He's perfect to me
But I'm scared to say anything... i think he might like me, there are times when I think that he wants me just as much 100% sure, but other times I think he doesn't like when we dont talk as much in one day. But what am I feeling? We aren't even dating.


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  • Word to the wise, darling: this is infatuation. I know it seems like love, but I can tell you honestly, as I feel practically the same for a boy I truly like. However, it isn't love. Love is knowing a person inside and out. It is trusting them with the very depth of your being, being able to confide anything in them without fear of being judged or hated. To be in love is to be able to look at and know all a person's faults yet love them just the same, flaws and all. To be able to listen to THEIR problems and be able to have them trust YOU the same way you should be able to trust them. Its mutual. It is a partnership. It isn't just romance. If you can find out everything about this guy- his fears no matter how weird or insignificant, his little quirks and flaws, his sometimes annoying habits- and still feel as though he is the most important thing in your world, and believe this with all your heart, then I would be more inclined to say yes, you are in love.

    Yet, as Zoosk says, love doesn't come first. First comes like. What you feel is normal, especially under 18 (believe me I have heard this SO many times before ;) ). Get to know this guy more. Become friends. In time, if he is interested in you, and you are still interested in him, things may blossom into something more. Just take it slow, though. Rushing things almost always leads to trouble.

    I'm not trying to crush you or condescend to you or anything. I feel the exact way you do about my crush. Legitimately, what you wrote is almost exactly my scenario as well. So I know how it feels, and how it sucks in a way to be told you aren't in love. But just give things time. If it is meant to be, it will be.

    I wish you all the best of luck my friend. :)


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  • Yes you are in love. Holy shit. You almost describe how I feel when I first like someone.

    • It just seems like all all the sudden no one and nothing else matters... just him. And I keep telling myself that I don't love him, but the truth is I would do anything be anything just for him, and he doesn't feel the same I'd be crushed... I don't know what to do.

    • You're in the infatuated stage. It the first stage of love. I advise you to stay calm and control your feeling.

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  • I have the same feeling about this guy at school but I don't think you're in love. I think it's just a really really strong liking that makes you feel like you couldn't survive without this person

    • Isn't that how you feel when you're in love?

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    • I'd do anything for him.

    • Well then I guess you're in love but don't get too sucked in until you know he loves you too because nobody likes a broken unmendable heart

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