What makes someone a rebound?

What makes a girl the rebound? Requirements that make you the rebound?


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  • Your the closest piece of ass in town to any guys that just broke up with there gfs.
    Your a easy lay and put out anytime. That makes you a easy rebounder. Lol


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  • Its someone that just got dumped (usually), that gets into another relationship immediately. Its a way of escaping the hurt feelings but it doesn't work for very long. Eventually they'll have to deal with the hurt

    • No i meant what does it say about the person they immediately start dating (

    • It says the other is living in a fantasy world if they think it'll work. Never never date someone who just broke up or just divorced or is going through either of those

    • Exactly. If you know the person just got out of a relationship and they're only there for sex, cuddling and to not be alone, But they say they don't want to be in a relationship then u should know better. If you're ok with a booty call then that's fine. But if u want to be exclusive and they don't, u should leave. They're not going to change their mind or else you would mean more to them. To them you're just a temporary fix. A bandaid for a broken leg.

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