How to get a guy without being annoying?

I've been into this guy for a while, and I really want to get to know him and like build a bond with him, and he's let me know he's interested -- we just really need to get better with conversation and hanging out more.
I think because we don't know eachother super well is the reason he doesn't ask me to hang out.
How can I try to hang out with him and try to get to know him without being annoying? Should i just stop by his dorm from time to time?
I want him to want to spend time with me :p


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  • Ask him on a date :) , or just ask him to hang out more , and before that ask him if he find you anoying (i dont think so) , if he say yes , ask him what can you do to improve


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  • I would try and give something helpful but I'm annoying. Sooooo not much for me to say😗